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Re: nslcd: ldap_result() timed out

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Re: nslcd: ldap_result() timed out

A Dimarts 04 Octubre 2011, Arthur de Jong va escriure:
> On Tue, 2011-10-04 at 12:52 +0200, Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda wrote:
> > With some boxes the user session is blocked during some seconds, every
> > some minutes. I have looked all the config files and the _only_ thing
> > that i have found is that the computer lost the ldap connection, so the
> > client know nothings about the user (uid, groups, permissions, etc) and
> > blocks the session till know the info.
> > 
> > In the /var/log/messages I got a lot of:
> > .....
> > Oct  4 12:01:22 sira nslcd[27037]: [fd6b4f] ldap_result() timed out
> > Oct  4 12:01:57 sira nslcd[27037]: [46b5a9] ldap_result() timed out
> > Oct  4 12:02:50 sira nslcd[27037]: [ee1348] ldap_result() timed out
> > .....
> There could be a problem with timed out connections. If this happens
> some time after start-up you could use the idle_timelimit option to
> close the connections after a certain time.

yes, it's something that when the user log on, the system works normally, but 
after some minutes the system becomes unresposible.

> This is something where the 0.8 series performs better than the 0.7
> series (it actively closes the connection when the timeout expires while
> the 0.7 series waits for the next request).

I tested the 0.8 series, using a homemade backport, and the result was the 
same. It's so complicate for you to make a backport for squeeze?

> Tweaking some of the other timeout values could also help to improve
> responsiveness. If a timeout occurs nslcd should retry the request a few
> times.
> Do you use SSL?


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