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send returns EPIPE when requesting a large group

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send returns EPIPE when requesting a large group


in some cirstumcances, notably when a large group is requested and the
buffer provided by glibc wouldn't fit, the send() call tio_writebuf()
fails with EPIPE.

The issue has come up before ([1] for example) but from looking at both this
list archives and bug reports in Red Hat bugzilla, it seems that users are
getting quite confused as their syslog is filled up with "Broken pipe"

With EPIPE being quite a common and recoverable error, I was wondering
if it makese sense to special-case this error code and print the message
on a lower debug level?

Of course, it would be preferable to proactively detect that error, but
frankly I didn't see a way how..

Thank you,

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