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Re: nslcd feature request (combined pam_authz_search)

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Re: nslcd feature request (combined pam_authz_search)

On Tue, 2012-04-24 at 00:11 +0400, Lior Goikhburg wrote:
> Well, I though the ldap search can be specified for a single object (I
> first search the posixAccount objects and then server object).
> I've also made a mistake in the description of the situation:
> The idea is that all of the conditions need to return true so the user
> can be granted access.
> The user has to be having the host attribute with the right hostname
> AND that very host has to be enabled.

In SVN, I've added support for specifying multiple pam_authz_search
options. All searches should at least return one entry for the
authorisation to succeed. This should be part of the next 0.8 release.

The change is here:

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