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Re: Sizelimit problems

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Re: Sizelimit problems

Well thanks, that solved my problem. We have reached 50000 objects
returned by the search, and then the LDAP search failed; I have
increased that limit in the LDAP server and now it works fine.

Now I have one more problem. If I do "gentent passwd" all users are
shown, but if I do "getent passwd USER1", I get no results, although
it was shown in "getent passwd". Any idea?

NB: Sorry, when replying I removed the list address.


2012/5/22 Arthur de Jong <>:
> On Tue, 22 May 2012, Juan Asensio Sánchez wrote:
>> Also, if I would set this to 50000, paged results would be used, but i
>> don't want to use them, I just want to get all entries in one search,
>> without search controls. Is what I say correct? If not, what would the
>> approach to do what I want?
> The message "sizelimit exceed" is from your LDAP server that enforces a
> maximum number of entries returned. If you don't want to use paged results
> you need to raise the limit in your LDAP server.
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