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Re: --with-nss-ldap-soname does not allow me to rename the module

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Re: --with-nss-ldap-soname does not allow me to rename the module

On Mon, 2015-01-19 at 14:43 +0000, Mark R Bannister wrote:
> Did you ever test this with another name besides "libnss_ldap"?  Is it 
> supposed to work?

I did some tests to build it under a different name in the past but it
included quite some manual tweaking in the code. The problem is that all
the symbols are also expected to be exported under a different name.

Attached is a (not very well tested) patch that adds the
--with-module-name option to configure that should allow building the
modules under a different name (in your case --with-module-name=dbis).

Feedback and testing is very welcome.


-- arthur - - --

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