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Re: Using the initial letter in the home directory

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Re: Using the initial letter in the home directory

On Mon, 2016-05-30 at 14:12 +0200, Giovanni Mascellani wrote:
> I tried to write a patch for implementing this feature. The commit is
> here (plus another minor unrelated typo correction):

Thanks. Looks very nice. I will look more carefully in the coming days
and merge it. A few quick comments:

- the commit message subject should not end with a dot, see e.g.
- when configuring with --enable-warnings some warnings are issued
  (some warnings about integer signedness and const handling)
- the line:
    if ((index < 0) || (offset < 0))
  should be:
    if ((length < 0) || (offset < 0))
- very nice that you also updated the manual page
- you could add some tests to tests/test_expr.c
- the comment above the function says
  but should probably be

> The patch does not modify pynslcd. Which policies are in force about
> the feature parity of the two programs (BTW, where are there two
> equivalent implementations?)?

I try to add any new functionality also to pynslcd but I haven't been
able to put in the effort to get pynslcd up to the same quality as

The idea with pynslcd was to try a re-implementation in Python to make
it easier to maintain and try to avoid some of the buffer-complexity of
C. The thing is mostly functional but has seen a lot less testing and
things like SSL, Kerberos, timeout handling, etc. is not as good as in

> What else is needed to be done so that the patch can be considered
> for inclusion?

If you can address some of the points above that would be great. I've
merged your typo-fix commit and I'll try to look more thoroughly into
it this week and then merge the functionality as well.

Thanks for providing the patch!

-- arthur - - --
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