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Re: Using the initial letter in the home directory

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Re: Using the initial letter in the home directory

Dear everybody.

Il 24/05/2016 22:35, Arthur de Jong ha scritto:
> Sadly it does not. nslcd only supports a very small subset of the ${}
> syntax but patches are welcome.
> This shouldn't be too difficult to implement. The code is in
> common/expr.c in the parse_dollar_expression() function. I just pushed
> a change that would make extending the parsing slightly easier.

I tried to write a patch for implementing this feature. The commit is
here (plus another minor unrelated typo correction):

I tested this by building nslcd in the git tree and then copying it over
the one available in a Debian jessie system. It appears to be working
correctly, including the cases when offset or offset+length overflow the
original string.

The patch does not modify pynslcd. Which policies are in force about the
feature parity of the two programs (BTW, where are there two equivalent

What else is needed to be done so that the patch can be considered for

Thanks, Giovanni.
Giovanni Mascellani <>
PhD Student - Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy

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