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Re: group query regression?

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Re: group query regression?

On Thu, 2016-07-28 at 10:34 +0200, Philippe Serbruyns wrote:
> Yes, I need the member attribute from our LDAP of course, so
> disabling it was not our solution. But disabling referrals like your
> next suggestion made it work!!!
> I guess you're also right about a bug in the samba4 LDAP, it's
> probably  fixed in a newer version, I will check again if I get it
> upgraded.

I would like to know any results you have related to samba4.

Also, if you could provide the backtrace of the crash, that would be
very helpful to see if there is an additional bug somewhere:

# script try-to-reproduce.log
# gdb nslcd
(gdb) r -d
   try to force the crash
(gdb) thread apply all bt full


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