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Re: ldap authentication on alpine

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Re: ldap authentication on alpine

Andre Magri wrote:
> I'm trying to authenticate ssh and sudo with AD on alpine linux.
> I followed the documentation

Which docs? Did you compile and install from source?

> with the only difference that /etc/nsswitch.conf did not
> exist on alpine so I created it

I'm really wondering why you had to create this file on your system.

> and am running nslcd in debug mode getting this error:
> nslcd: Warning: NSS_LDAP module not loaded: Error loading shared library
> No such file or directory

I think this message is pretty clear: The file is not 
installed in the
expected location.

I don't know anything about your Alpine Linux. But on my local x86_64 system 
all the name
service switch modules (shared libs) are installed as /lib64/libnss*.

Ciao, Michael.

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