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Re: ldap authentication on alpine

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Re: ldap authentication on alpine

On (19/04/17 14:27), Jakub Hrozek wrote:
>On Wed, Apr 19, 2017 at 02:14:40PM +0200, Andre Magri wrote:
>> Followed this:
>> Yes I know the lib is missing, but how do I install it?  I'm using this
>> image alpine-standard-3.5.2-x86_64
>> I don't even have a /lib/nss folder.
>IIRC Alpine Linux uses uclibc, which doesn't support NSS modules at all,
>does it?
Main page says musl libc

You can use strace to confirm that /etc/nsswitch.conf
is ignored.

You will need to add users/groups to files but still can use from nss-pam-ldapd

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