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Re: Support for Base64 encoded values

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Re: Support for Base64 encoded values

Ricardo Padilha wrote:
> Strangely enough, it seems like /etc/passwd couldn’t care less. We’ve had
> our current system running with unicode usernames for as long as I can
> remember, and this has never been a problem until the introduction of PAM
> and LDAP. :)

IMO this is not surprising.

The local system likely passes strings around as opaque buffers and does not 
care about
character sets and their encoding at all. And then it coincidentally works for 

With an external user database (LDAP) you have an external system interface. In 
case of
LDAP the character set to be used and its encoding is well-defined [1] but 
might differ
from the system's locale.

The LDAP client implementations have to take care of this.

Ciao, Michael.


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