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Re: Support for Base64 encoded values

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Re: Support for Base64 encoded values

Arthur de Jong wrote:
> In theory it could be possible to do unicode normalisation in nslcd
> before passing strings in search filters to LDAP (patches welcome) but
> it would likely not solve all the problems.

That might backfire if different LDAP servers use different normal forms.
I've seen similar issues with filename normalization between OS X and GNU/Linux.


Hmm, it looks like this is already a solved problem for LDAP?
    → RFC 4518
    →  The input string is to be normalized to Unicode Form KC
       (compatibility composed) as described in [UAX15].  The output is the
       normalized string.

I don't understand LDAP RFCs very well.
Does that mean an RFC4518-conformant LDAP *server* will handle everything, and
nslcd's current behaviour is correct?
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