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nslcd with sshd question

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nslcd with sshd question

Hi Arthur,

I need to use sshd on my device with a user that resides on a ldap server. I successfully configured nslcd to perform an authentication through an ldap user, in fact, if I do a lookup with an ldap bind (ldapsearch...) nslcd finds the remote ldap user.

Now, my goal is to use sshd server to authenticate with the ldap user. From an external PC, when I run:

ssh ldapUser@[device_ip_address],

the password check always fails. The syslog give the following error:

nslcd[139]: [e8944a] <passwd="ldapUser"> (re)loading /etc/nsswitch.conf
00:04:40 sshd[150]: Failed password for ldapUser from port 37128 ssh2

From this log, I suppose nslcd is searching for the user in passwd users, but the ldap user will never been found there because passwd contains only local users, not remote ldap users. I suppose this is the reason why the ssh authentication fails. Why nslcd is not looking in ldap when trying to authenticate with ssh?

Am I doing something wrong here?

Thank you.