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nslcd: LDAP with TLS

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nslcd: LDAP with TLS

I need to configure nslcd to allow me to authenticate a user on a remote LDAP server through an encrypted connection (TLS). I am using a sample program which make use of the module to provide ldap authentication using nslcd. If the LDAP connection is not encrypted (simple authentication), it works fine.

Since I need to do an encrypted connection to the LDAP server, Looking at the documentation, I seemed to understand that I have to modify the /etc/nslcd.conf file in order to get nslcd  aware of the TLS encryption.
I added the following commands to the nslcd.conf file:

    ssl start_tls
    tls_reqcert never

But when I try to authenticate the user with my sample program, nslcd freezes for seconds, and then fails to authenticate.

What am I doing wrong? I am sure I am missing something in the configuration but after several attempts I haven't been able to authenticate yet.

Thank you.