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[CSV format] output secret in base32 instead of HEX

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[CSV format] output secret in base32 instead of HEX

Hello Arthur


At HID we use more and more the python-pskc tool to convert some of our PSKC into CSV and we would be happy to export more format.

For example we recently had to deal with a CSV including secret parameter into base32 format instead of hex.

So we reworked the .csv file more or less manually but at the end of the day it would be more efficient  to have It directly from the tool with a new command line parameter

like   -- secretformat

   hex        : current format  

   base32 : for base32 RFC3548 format  (For base32  I used python base64.b32encode function  to get what I wanted)

   base64 : for base64 RFC3548 format



Do you think this is something you could integrate in next version ?


Best Regards


Florent Vibert





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