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Parsing GS1-128

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Parsing GS1-128

Hi all,

We have the need to parse GS1-128 [1] codes in order to extract it's application data. This data can be for example:  a product code (EAN-13) but also  the Lot number, Due date, package data. Here is the full list of available information [2].

We are interested on parsing a code and obtaining the correct data types on python. So for example, parsing:

01 12345678901234 11 190102 17 190104  
(Note that I included spaces for clarification but GS1-128 does not include spaces)

We want to obtain something like:

data = {
 '01': '12345678901234',
 '11':, 01, 02),
 '17':, 01, 04),

Do you think this will fit into python-stdnum library?

I'm not requesting current maintainers to implement it, just asking if this will be a good addition for the library before submitting a patch for it.

I will be happy to answer any questions that my rise for this topic.




Sergi Almacellas Abellana
Twitter: @pokoli_srk