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Re: Can't connect to cvsd server

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Re: Can't connect to cvsd server

Michael Sullivan writes:
- And now for my other problem. See output:
- carter ~ # cvsd -d
-       [...]
- michael@camille Stuff $ cvs login
- Logging in to
- CVS password:
- carter ~ # cvsd -d
- cvsd: debug: reading config file (/etc/cvsd/cvsd.conf)
- cvsd: debug: done reading config file
- [...]
- cvsd: debug: setgid(1022) done
- cvsd: debug: setuid(106) done
- cvsd: debug: cvs command to execute: '/bin/cvs -f --allow-root=/root
- pserver'
- cvsd: accepting connections
- michael@camille Stuff $ cvs checkout ourrpg
- setuid failed: Operation not permitted

This is cvs(1) on the server attempting to change id (using
setuid(2)) to match the username of the person logging in.

I *assume* the uid 1022 above is not the same uid as "michael"?

The fix is to make sure to map "michael" (and all the other
users) to the same id that cvsd(8) is running as in the  CVSROOT
password file. (if I remember correctly, add a 3rd field to the
password file representing the user cvs is to run as when logged
in as the user specified in the first field.)

- Sill no change in the output from cvsd on carter.  I asked this
- question a few years ago and no one could answer me.  I hoped
- that through various updates through the years it would work
- itself out, but it hasn't..

It's not really a cvsd(8) problem, but a "feature" (I won't call
it a bug, but an underdocumented feature seems right) of the
underlying cvs pserver impementation.

Eric Schnoebelen       
            "I got rid of my husband.  The cat was allergic."
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