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Re: Can't connect to cvsd server

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Re: Can't connect to cvsd server

Michael Sullivan writes:
- On 07/23/14 10:00, Eric Schnoebelen wrote:
- > Michael Sullivan writes:
- > - On 07/22/14 16:35, Eric Schnoebelen wrote:
- > I was speaking of the password file that cvs(1) itself maintains
- > for authenticating pserver connections.
- > 
- > The file is usually "passwd", in your CVSROOT directory.
- > 
- > It has the form 
- >     <cvs user>:<encoded password>:<real userid>
- > 
- > For your installation, the file should likely look something
- > like this:
- > 
- >     michael:****:cvsd
- > 
- > where the "****" is an encoded password string.  
- The michael line in /var/lib/cvsd/root/CVSROOT/passwd DID say
- michael:*****:cvsd, but I changed the cvsd part to 1000, which
- /etc/passwd claims is my UID.  I restarted /etc/init.d/cvsd and when I
- tried to connect, I get:
- michael@camille ~ $ cvs login
- Logging in to
- CVS password:
- michael@camille ~ $ cvs checkout ourrpg
- Fatal error, aborting.
- 1000: no such system user

That's what I would expect.  The password file should contain 


(assuming cvsd is the user with uid 106)

I would strongly recommend reading the portion of the cvs info
document about the pserver service and it's authentication. At
this point, it's no longer cvsd(8), as cvsd has started "cvs
pserver", and your client cvs is now interacting directly with
the cvs pserver instance started by cvsd (as user cvsd.)

I note that I have "SystemAuth=no" in CVSROOT/config on my
anoncvs server, to have "cvs pserver" not attempt to authorize
against the system authentication database (read password file.)

You might wish to try that as well.

Eric Schnoebelen       
            I used to suffer from multiple personality disorder.
                      However, we're much better now...
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