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Re: Can't connect to cvsd server

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Re: Can't connect to cvsd server

Eric Schnoebelen writes:
- The file is usually "passwd", in your CVSROOT directory.
- It has the form 
-       <cvs user>:<encoded password>:<real userid>
- For your installation, the file should likely look something
- like this:
-       michael:****:cvsd
- where the "****" is an encoded password string.  I believe the
- correct format can be created by htpasswd, but I don't remember
- at the moment.  It definitely shouldn't match your login
- password, as it is sent in the clear between the client and the
- host. (or, at most, base64 encoded, just like http basic auth.)

Reading the info document for cvs, the password file is documented
as part of the pserver authentication documentation.  The info
document says the password field is encrypted using the standard
crypt(3) function, so you can cut and paste from a standard
password/shadow file.  I believe htpasswd will also generate
passwords encrypted in that fashion.

Eric Schnoebelen       
                        "/bin/sh: Bourne in the USA"
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